Lots of bowls have non-slip bases, but very few are as grippy as the one on the Baby Dipper bowl. 

Add a super-grippy non-slip base.

The slanted and contoured interior of the Baby Dipper bowl guides the food to the lowest corner.

Why do most bowls have flat interior surfaces?

Who ever said a bowl has to be round? 


The thicker walls of the Baby Dipper bowl make it heavier than most baby bowls, which helps keep it in place on the table or high chair tray.

A bowl with corners and vertical side walls provides somewhere to collect the food and scoop it up without it going over the side of the bowl. A triangular shape is just one of many possibilities for a bowl with corners.

The Baby Dipper bowl weighs more than most baby bowls.

This means true one-handed feeding of infants and an easy transition to self-feeding for toddlers.