A Review and a Giveaway
"I also have countless catalogs of adaptive equipment for kid with special needs. I'm actually purging my piles right now. All the feeding systems are basically the same. Not the Baby Dipper bowl. It really is different. It's useful and it does what it claims to do."

Able to Able
"It's rare to find a true 'magic bullet' solution to her delays, but the Baby Dipper Bowl was exactly what she needed to increase self-feeding confidence."

Health Medical Information
The Baby Dipper Bowl (Cerebral Palsy category)
"Great for children with special needs or typical children just learning to use a bowl and spoon."

Handicapped Aids Blog
"Great for children with special needs or typical children just learning to use a bowl and spoon."

This is a video of Jacob feeding himself for the first time. He was born without thumbs and had just had surgery to move one of his fingers to the thumb position so that he now has opposable digits. This video is of his feeding therapist, Melanie Potock, guiding him through self-feeding for the first time.

As word about the Baby Dipper bowl has spread, it has come to the aid of children with special needs or other self-feeding issues and also adults who have a medical need for one-handed feeding. If you know of a way to help us get the word out in the special needs community, whether it be a blog or a store or a medical facility, please let us know. And if you'd like to contribute a review or a photo, please contact us here.

"As a feeding specialist, I use the Baby Dipper bowl to teach the first step to self-feeding: dipping! With my little client Jacob, who recently had hand surgery, he quickly learned to "dip and slide" his way to independent scooping in one therapy session! Baby Dipper made it fun and he loves it!"
​        -- Melanie Potock, Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Feeding Specialist, author of Happy Mealtimes with Happy Kids,

Baby Dipper Bowl Bowl Spoon And Fork Baby And Toddler Feeding Set