Carlton, Franklin, Hans, Barbara, Cora and Greta

Hello! I'm Barbara Schantz, mom of twin girls, Greta and Cora, and mom of twin boys, Franklin and Carlton. As a stay-at-home mom of twin babies, I faced the daunting task of feeding them. Frustrated with the bowls I had already purchased, I researched and bought other bowls, but still remained disappointed. I needed a bowl that required only one hand to successfully feed a baby, but wasn't able to find one on the market that satisfied this need. The vision for the Baby Dipper bowl came to me when Cora and Greta were about 6 months old, not long after they started eating baby cereal and other pureed foods. After much learning and hard work, I was able to bring the Baby Dipper bowl to market so that others can enjoy true one-handed feeding. Thank you for visiting Baby Dipper's web site and for supporting a mom-owned business.

Baby Dipper Bowl Bowl Spoon And Fork Baby And Toddler Feeding Set