My Sentiment ExactLee

I had forgotten how hard it can be to feed my child while concentrating on anything else. He ends up with half the food in his hair and face while I fight him for the bowl. I had tried many different "suction" bowls and none of them worked. Usually my son would pull the bowl right off the suction cup and that was that, green beans all over my floor. When I was approached by Barbara Schantz in regards to a product called the Baby Dipper bowl I wasn't sure if it would work for my family. I was elated when I received the bowl and it worked wonders.

Barbara Schantz knows what it is like to have her hands full. As the mother of 2 sets of twins (yeah I said 2 sets of twins) she needed to find a way to feed two babies at once in an effective way. The idea for Baby Dipper bowl came to her in 2005 with her first set of twins. She put her idea to the test and was pleased by her creation. The Baby Dipper bowl was born.

The Baby Dipper bowl is a contoured bowl that has a non-slip base. Instead of being a suction cup it is actually heavier on the bottom with this really neat squishy rubber base. It is all one piece so I didn't have to worry about separation. It stays in place too. Even when my son was concentrating on trying to move it he could not do so.

Another plus about the Baby Dipper bowl is that the bowl is actually shaped to lead the food into the bottom corner of the bowl into a spoon shaped collection point. The see through sides ensure that if you do leave some food behind it will be easy to find. This way you aren't chasing food around.

It is easy to clean too which makes me love it even more! Simply run some warm water inside and wipe it out. The slick inside walls help to keep food from drying on. Also when your little one gets old enough to start self feeding Baby Dipper bowl is great to have on hand, which makes this a great purchase for the long term.

Baby Dipper bowl is one of my new favorite baby products. My husband agrees. I was able to multi task with my one free hand. Ask any mom and she'll tell you that every moment counts in parenting so the ability to do two things at once is priceless. Now if someone would invent a way to keep Spencer's hands out of the bowl I'd be set! You can see the Baby Dipper bowl at