Twin Love Concierge ​Baby Dipper Product Review"These bowls could be a Twin Parent's savior! The deep rounded edges and the weight of the bowl save messes and most importantly make it difficult for babies to turn over and pour purees everywhere."

​The Twinners ​- "The Baby Dipper bowl helps toddlers, like my twins, learn to feed themselves. The triangular shape, slanted interior, non-slip base, and transparent sides work together to aid in the collection of the food inside with only one hand."

Multiples and More - "The Baby Dipper bowl is the newest product on the market to help make mealtime with your little ones a little neater, and a lot more convenient."

Twinkie Mommie - "I wish I would have had this bowl when my twins were younger! Feeding two babies at once can obviously be a chore, but this bowl can make the job so much easier. Your hands are free to wipe up messes! My girls are too old for that but the bowls are still good for them eating cereal and oatmeal. The feed themselves and this bowl stays where you put it, so when they are scooping they don't scoop the bowl right off the table!"

The Tater Twins - "This product is fantastic for feeding multiple babies at once, because you truly only need one hand. You don't need to pick up the bowl with your other hand to scrape the sides and get the food onto the spoon, like with traditional bowls."

Twins Magazine digital version"This mom of two sets of twins has developed a brand new invention that is particularly helpful to parents of multiples."

Little Humans Being - Baby Dipper: The Bowl of Champions - "After cautiously yet optimistically asking to try one, the folks over at Baby Dipper sent me one - along with their confidence that this bowl would be different. And it is."

Mommy Blog Expert - "The Baby Dipper is a sanity-saver not only to parents of twins, triplets, or even several little ones of different ages all in high chairs at the same time, it is just as handy for feeding a single child, both able-bodied and special needs."

Your Mama Reviews -  "The Baby Dipper is unlike those lame, cartooned round bowls you'll find at your run-of-the-mill baby chain store."

TwinsTalk"Invented by a mother of two sets of young twins, it was her solution to the problem of trying to feed her big family - while keeping one hand free and her floors clean."

Susan Heim on Parenting"If you're looking for a really unique and useful gift for someone who's pregnant or has a baby, this fits the bill perfectly."


As a mom of not one, but two sets of twins, I feel a very strong connection with other Mothers of Multiples (MOMs). On this page, I will share reviews of the Baby Dipper bowl by parents of multiples. I will also post photos of sets of multiples using Baby Dipper bowls. If you'd like to contribute either a review or a photo, please contact me here.