Gruntlings Review of the Baby Dipper Bowl

The Baby Dipper bowl is one of those things that promises to be good, that you suspect will not quite live up to those promises, and that then proceeds to blow you away by working exactly as it should work and making it really obvious how every other product doesn’t work well. At all.Yeah, I liked it that much. And I’m not alone,either. We’ve all taken turns using it at Gruntlings, and the verdict is that this little bowl ROCKS.

Let’s start with the aesthetic. It LOOKS cool. Chunky, funky shaped, and it’s a cool translucent blue. The matching spoon has a bright yellow rubbery sheath that makes its handle into the perfect grippy texture for little hands. Everything is curved, swooping, and extremely unique looking. It doesn’t fall into the “baby equipment” trap of being utilitarian or cutesy. And even after being used for a month or two it doesn’t start to cloud up or look dingy.

The upper part of the bowl is made of a clear rigid material, and the base of the bowl is made of rubber. The transition from bowl to base is so smooth that I originally thought that the wholebowl was made of rubber! There are no sharp edges, and the bowl holds up very well to use and abuse. The bowl has a slope that makes it higher at the back, and lower at the front, this encourages food to naturally slide down to the “tip” of the bowl, making it extremely easy to scoop out.The spoon is made of the same translucent blue, and has a bright yellow rubbery grippy sheath that has ovals cut out so that the blue can show through. The spoon has a swooping handle that makes it hug the bowl’s edge. The bowl of the spoon is the perfect size- small enough for a new eater yet big enough and deep enough for a toddler to use for soup or yogurt. The tip of the spoon fits perfectly into the curved edges of the bowl.