The Bragging Mommy

The Baby Dipper Bowl is designed so that you can easily feed your baby with only one hand. Also, it is made so that toddlers who are learning to self feed can learn easier without all the mess. I have to admit when I saw on the Baby Dipper website that it said “Toddlers learn to self feed while staying neat and clean”. I was thinking “Yeah, like that could ever happen!” Then my Baby Dipper arrived in the mail (Thanks Barbara) and I decided to put it to the test. I filled it full of yogurt, all the way to the top. And then I set it in front of my little 20 month old bug. Doing that is something I would normally have a panic attack just thinking about mind you. And what happened next will remain a miracle forever in my mind. He ate it all, and NOT ONE DROP anywhere on him or his highchair! I could not believe it! This bowl has completely changed eating time at my house. I am a very busy mom and now little bug can self feed any type of food. Even soup, yes you read that right, soup! It saves me so much time as well as the clean up that would have been necessary if he was using the plain old regular bowls. I don’t even use any other bowls or spoons anymore. I 100% recommend that everyone with a Baby or Toddler have at least one of these bowls, if not a few. You will love it!